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Luni Libes of the Fledge accelerator network on 'unicorpses,' VC and why revenue-based models offer a better way.

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Vermont's intrastate crowdfunding portal finds a new home with a strategic partner.

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Local businesses make up the heart & soul of a place. Here are some local businesses we love that are raising money now. And with minimum investments as low as $100, anyone can be an angel! #InvestLocal

Founded in June by former Pittsburgh City Paper staffers disenchanted with the paper's corporate owners, the Pittsburgh Current bills itself as the "free and independent press of Pittsburgh." The bimonthly (and digital, of course) paper is carried in 200 locations around the city. (405) 454-6637.

Craft brewer Brian Jackson is renovating an art deco building inCincinnati's Walnut Hill neighborhood as the future home of Esoteric Brewing. When it opens in 2019, it will be the first African American and Asian American-owned brewery in Cincinnati, and perhaps beyond.  7063584617.

This Pacific Island women-owned cooperative produces traditional lei for sacred, celebratory and bereavement occasions. Based in Oakland, CA, The Lei Company Coop has forged fair trade partnerships with artisans in Fiji and the Federated States of Micronesia. 516-598-4210.

Community Redevelopment Fund
 believes affordable housing is a major catalyst for the stabilization and crime reduction of inner-city areas. The developer is transforming vacant homes into affordable housing in Baltimore's Four by Four neighborhood. 4028322866.



A mashup of traditional financing and digital securities is creating new terms for crowd investors to master.

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The landmark legislation that democratized capital-raising continues to gain traction and evolve.

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Place-based foundations can leverage a potential surge in local giving for greater community investment.

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